- Excursions
Kovachevitsa - Melnik - Rozhen Monastery - Rila Monastery - Yagodinska Cave
One day trips
1. Bansko - Melnik - Rozhen Monastery
Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, with population of about 250. The town is surrounded in a valley by impressive terrestrial pyramids. It has been declared a historic
land, a cultural reserve, and museum-town.
The Rozhen monastery is the biggest sanctuary in the Pirin region and one of the few Bulgarians monasteries of the Middle Ages.
The Kordopulova house and its history trough centuries interesting and magical, valuable and with etemal architecture, it’s one of the most significant constructions in
Melnik with rich interior. It’s the biggest house from the Revival period in the history of Bulgaria and was built in 1754.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
2. Bansko - Rila Monastery
The monastery is a complex of many halls and cells spread over an area of about 8800 square meters. The Rila Monastery has an unique architecture. Outside, the
monastery looks like fortress - 24 m stone walls. The Nativity of the Virgin is located at the center of the yard next to a high stone tower. This tower was built by the local
feudal lord Hrelio in 1334-1335 period. The church is younger and was built in 1343. This is the biggest and oldest monastery in Bulgaria.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
3. Bansko - The Yagodinska Cave
The Yagodinska Cave is the longest of all caves in the Rhodope Mountains. It is a complicated multi-floor system of underground tunnels. The New Year Hall is located
on the tourist floor. In the halls of the cave we can find wonderful stalactites, stalagmites and columns.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
4. Bansko - Leshten - Kovachevitsa - Ognyanovo villages
Eco Village Leshten is one of the most attractive and authentic rural villages in Bulgaria, located in the western part of the Rhodope mountains. Combination of beautiful
nature, great architecture, modern comfort and the romantic of the gone time.
The village of Kovachevitsa is one of the national architectural legends. A fairy tale of stones and wood is the most accurate term for the natural construction genius of
the modest builders of Kovachevitsa.
Ognyanovo area is rich in mineral water springs, which had already been used during Roman time. The mineral water temperature is about 40 Celsius and has low
mineralization and smell.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
5. Mountain train journey from Bansko - Belitsa - Bear Park (dancing bears)
Dancing Bear Park BELITSA is located in Rila Mountain (1200 m). The area is covered with natural woods, glades and many water pools and caves for hibernation. This
park is the first step forward the bright future of the Bulgarian “Dancing Bears”.
Journey by narrow gauge railway has been opened almost a 100 years ago and is still functioning, every single day.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
6. Mountain train journey Bansko - Velingrad
Velingrad is situated in the West Rhodope Mountains, on the Chepin hollow. Velingrad is a balneological and atmospheric resort. The town is ranked first in Bulgaria in
mineral water abundance and variety. The water temperature is between 28 and 86 Celsium.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
7. Bansko - Dobarsko - visit the oldest church in Bulgaria
Dobarsko is a mountain village (1070 m) nestled in the south foot of the holy Rila Mountain. The village is famous for “St. Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat” church, built
in 1614. It was announced as monument of culture and is one of the 100 National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
8. Bansko - Plovdiv - visit the amphitheater and old town.
Plovdiv is one of the oldest towns not just in Bulgaria, but also in whole Europe. This is the second largest city in Bulgaria, situated along the Maritsa River. Layers of
cultural treasures from prehistoric, Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Revival periods can be found in the region.
Including lunch, guide and transportation..
9. Bansko - Sofia - visit the cathedral, museum and shopping centres.
One of the oldest cities in Europe, the history of Serdica - Sredets - Sofia can be traced back some 7000 year. Sofia has had several names in the different periods of its
existence and remnants of the city’s millenary history can still be seen today alongside modern landmarks.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
One day trip
Bansko - Kavala (Greece) - sightseeing the town and
staying on the beach.
Kavala is a city where the modern with the old coexist
harmoniously. Its original name was Neapolis. The town of Kavala
has a history that goes back to the Homeric era.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
Two days trip
Bansko - Thassos (Greece) - sightseeing the town and
staying on the beach.
Thassos is one of the islands of the North Greece - Eastern
Aegean. Thassos is an attractive place with beautiful sandy
beaches and traditional villages with incredible mountain vistas.
There are more beaches than on any of the other Greek Islands.
Including lunch, guide and transportation.
Four days trip
Day 1 Bansko - Rila Monastery - Sofia - Veliko Tarnovo
Start early morning from Bansko to Rila Monastery (visit Rila Monastery - 1 hrs). visit Sofia - 2hrs - stop in Veliko Tarnovo and visit Tsarevets fortress and the old town.
Overnight and dinner.
Day 2 Veliko Tarnovo - Dryanovski Monastery - Gabrovo - Kazanlak - Starosel (Thracian Tomb) - Plovdiv
Start early morning from Veliko Tarnovo, visit Dryanovski Monastery - 1 hrs; go to Gabrovo, visit the House of Humour and Satire and Etara (traditional Bulgarian village -1
hrs ), go to Starosel, the region of the Thracian tombs; Rosevalley in Kazanlak and visit Plovdiv. Overnight and dinner.
Day 3 Plovdiv - Bachkovski Monastery - Yagodinska Cave And Devil`S Throat In Trigrad
Start from Plovdiv, visit Bachkovski Monastery - 1 hrs; go to the largest caves in Bulgaria - Yagodinska cave and Devil`s Throat - 2-3 hrs; stop in Dospat. Overnight and
Day 4 Dospat - Kovachevitsa - Leshten - Melnik - Bansko
Start from Dospat, visit Kovachevitsa and Leshten - very old medieval villages in the mountain; go to Melnik, visit Rozhen Monastery and Melnik, wine testing, lunch and
back to Bansko.
Including lunch, guide, accommodation and transportation.
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